Things you don't know about Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor's status as the fighter who most successfully revolutionized the media's perception of combat sports is now well established. The multiple UFC champion has successfully brought a large number of casual fans to MMA, a sport that is rapidly growing but still far from achieving the incredibly high peaks reached by baseball, basketball, and football in America and football in Europe.

The potential of McGregor to conquer increasingly large segments of the public through his strong and extroverted personality - combined with his performances inside the octagon - explains why mixed martial arts, and specifically the UFC, are gaining ground in the hearts of fans. But let's concentrate on Conor McGregor as a person.

The Dublin-born Irishman, upscaling MMA to new and unexpected heights.

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Conor was born in Dublin on July 14, 1988, and from an early age, he stands out as a boy unlike any other. When his classmates fantasize about becoming rugby or football players, he fantasizes about following in his dad's footsteps as a fighter: a former boxer who later became a taxi driver. After a short time spent playing Irish amateur football, McGregor began to learn various martial arts, allowing him to learn how to defend himself against those who have mocked him in the past. He primarily uses kickboxing and boxing, with karate, capoeira, and grappling thrown in for good measure.

With all of these factors in place, it's clear that Conor's path has already been set: he'll pursue a career in mixed martial arts. This is not an easy road to take. After a short tenure as a plumber, McGregor, who was then just over 18 years old, relied on the Irish government's state job seekers allowance. Notwithstanding, his incredible abilities propel him to the top of the reputable British promotion Cage Warriors in a short period, where he will become champion in both the featherweight and lightweight divisions, earning him a call from the UFC.

Call himself “Notorious”

Conor McGregor explained the origins of his nickname-Notorious, in an interview with JD Sports. He's always getting into trouble and this is what his former coach used to call him, so it stayed in his mind.

Besides, he is also a big Notorious B.I.G. fan, and he's used his music as entrance music in his meetings.

The rise in the octagon

He went on to become the first man in UFC history to win multiple titles. From his first victories in the promotion to his subsequent victories with Aldo and then Alvarez, he attempted to pass through the two fights against Nate Diaz - McGregor's journey was relatively short. Just over three years were all it took for him to make UFC history. The glories of the Irish were added by the blessing of fatherhood on May 5, 2017, with the delivery of Conor Jack Jr, a wonderful child by his partner Dee Devlin.

The competition with Floyd Mayweather

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Another significant date for Conor McGregor is August 26 of the same year, when he fights Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match that would seem unimaginable only some months earlier. The event, which is accompanied by a massive promotion that draws the attention of half the world, occurs at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada, and awards the two winners a ridiculously high prize package. Conor makes a good debut in the ring despite being defeated by a technical knockout in the 10th round, but consequently leading to his long absence afterward.

The clash with the referee Marc Goddard at Bellator 187

Charlie Ward knocks out John Redmond seconds before the first round ends at Bellator 187 on November 10, 2017. Ward's teammate, Conor McGregor, entered the octagon to celebrate, but match referee Marc Goddard pushed him away because he was not permitted to enter the cage. 

The Irishman's retaliation was swift, and before the security team arrived, he pushed the referee, who was in the meantime asserting his authority over Redmond's condition. Redmond was still on the ground just after the KO. McGregor, unsatisfied, attempted to return to the cage but was chased by another match official, who was punched by McGregor.

UFC 223: the assault on the bus and the arrest in NYC

Conor attacked a bus of athletes in New York for UFC 223 including Khabib, Rose Namajunas, Al Iaquinta, Karolina Kowalkiewicz, Ray Borg, and Michael Chiesa, and many others on April 5, 2018, two days before being stripped of the lightweight belt. The trolley shattered glass when it collided with the small bus, injuring Borg and Chiesa and forcing them to seek medical attention.

A few hours later, the Irish fighter surrendered to the police and was released on $50,000 bail. The incident was sparked by a conflict between Khabib and Artem Lobov, a friend of McGregor, a few days earlier

Just for a phone, an assault on a fan in Miami

Conor McGregor was the main character of a sudden face-to-face with his supporter in Miami on March 11, 2019, with his mind still on the images about UFC 229. The phone was taken from the man's hands and thrown to the ground by the Irish fighter. After that, the police arrested him and he was released on bail (5 thousand dollars). The man who was assaulted later withdrew his allegation against McGregor.

McGregor's punch to an old man in a Dublin pub

A few weeks later, on April 6, Conor McGregor is caught on surveillance cameras inside a Dublin pub punching an older man sitting at the counter. He'd purchased his Proper Twelve for everyone. When the guy opted out, the problems began. Conor offered him a cup not once, but twice... and he refused both times. After downing a shot with the other drinkers,  Conor suddenly threw his left fist in the face of the old man who refused the booze.

A few months later, in August, the images went public. The Irishman only got a fine this time.

Conor McGregor's other side: family, houses built for the homeless

Images of Conor McGregor's family life are juxtaposed with tough behavior, quarrelsome manner, and seamless trash talking. On social media, he is always depicted as a loving father and adoring companion, frequently accompanied by his son Conor Jack Jr., his partner Dee Devlin, and Croia- a little girl who arrived in 2019.

In May 2019, Conor McGregor revealed on his social media account that he would be building eight houses for needy families in Dublin at his own expense.

"Walking around this land and these homes today, meeting all the neighbors, knowing that soon there will be families living here, creating their own memories, and building back their lives, gives me great pride! "Ireland forever! Ireland first! Ireland always!" He wrote.

Conor McGregor and the thought for Italy during the Coronavirus emergency

Conor McGregor's post on March 22, 2020, when Italy was in complete health emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic, received a lot of attention in Italy.

Conor McGregor shared:

“I cannot get Italy out of my thoughts. Praying daily for this great nation that brought the world such amazing things. From it’s people and their culture. To its architecture and design. Its style! It’s cuisine! It’s art! The list goes on and on and on! Italy and it’s people are class personified, through and through. ‪Lord Jesus please save Italy and its people today and everyday here forward,” 

Conor McGregor's social profiles

The Irish fighter is well-known on social media, and he frequently interacts with other celebrities from entertainment and other sports on Twitter, in addition to Facebook and Instagram. Here are his social media profiles:

His Instagram has a total of 36.6 million users.

His Twitter has 8.1 million users.

And 8.6 million Facebook fans.

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